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Choosing Plus Size Shapewear to Look Great

Do you want to look great wearing some shapewear, but think it’s not possible because you have a plus size? You might be surprised to learn that you can still look slimmer by wearing shapewear like the type on plus size shapewear. The key is to know how to choose the right pieces for your particular needs. Here are some of helpful tips to accomplish your goal:

1. Shop for your size

The key to this step is that you must know your measurement before you start the process. Keep in mind that different companies have different measurement systems. So one company’s shapewear might not fit you as well as another company’s, even though they seem to be the same size.

However, it all starts with getting your measurements. First take your measurements, then take it again to make sure.

As a word of caution, make sure that you don’t choose a smaller size than you actually are. It might “fit” at first. However, you could have problems later, such as breathing. Besides that, the problem is that the garment will also roll down, and even fall apart after wearing it one or two times. That’s likely a situation you want to avoid, so the key is to make sure you get the sizing right so the shapewear fits you to a tee.

2. Figure out how much control you need

There are different levels of support when choosing shapewear. For example, if you want light support this will help to smooth out your skin. On the other hand, firm/extra firm will help to “correct” your body’s shape. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your body is wrong, but it will help you to control how much support you want. In particular this is a plus when you want to add more breathing room so you won’t feel cramped wearing the shapewear.

3. Learn the different types of shapewear

You might be surprised about the various types of shapewear. In fact, there are all sorts of pieces. However, you should still learn the main types, including full body, tank, brief, and girdle. These are just some of the many types of shapewear so you should do some research so you know which types of want to purchase.

4. Know where you want to focus

A big mistake that many women make is thinking that shapewear will “fix” all the areas they want to support. Sometimes that can happen, but oftentimes it doesn’t. For example, a shaper slip might not provide you enough cover for whatever activity you’re doing. Besides that, thigh shapers might not help with your belly area. This highlights the need to think about the areas you want to focus on. That will help you to determine which shapewear best meets your needs.

5. Set a budget

This will help you not to spend more than you want to budget for your shapewear. It’s OK to spend a little more than you’ve budgeted for your clothing. However, it’s also important to try to stay within your budget as much as possible.