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What Can You See With a Microscope?

microscope activitiesMost people are aware that you can see very tiny things using a microscope, it’s a very sophisticated piece of scientific equipment, as they say at sciencereviewcenter. But sometimes it becomes difficult to envision them very tiny micro scales, but hopefully I can help you realise some of the interesting and fascinating things you can see using a microscope and by doing so will inspire you to have a go yourself. I’ve looked at these different objects a few times with the kids and they absolutely loved it, it’s a fantastic way to get your young ones interested in learning and science.

  1. Chalk

You may not think it, but a piece of everyday white chalk looks amazing under the microscope. In fact you’d think you were in a completely different world by analysing them familiar class room objects, it almost looks as though you’re looking at bones.

  1. Bugs

If you’re not to squeamish then looking at insects under the microscope can be very interesting. If you don’t have the heart to kill one, then simply look around for dead bugs in your garden which is another great activity to do with the kids.

Insects look very scary when you start looking at them on such a small scale, the amount of detail you can observe is truly mesmerizing, but their jaws, teeth and other anatomical features can strike fear into the bravest observer.

  1. Sea Water

If you get the chance to collect some seawater or lake water, then you’re in for a treat. You’re not going to be seeing anything interesting about the water itself, but what’s in the water, tiny diatoms, these are dead algae floating around the ocean. They are incredible to look at under the scope, they almost look like weird, abstract glass in space, very cool stuff to witness.

  1. Leaves

Leaves are very easy to source as most people have a lot of trees or other scrubs growing around them, and they are particularly easy to see in detail using a microscope. The great thing with leaves that you can view the individual cells compartments and identify the different cell structures, making it both a fascinating and educational for both you and your children.

  1. Skin

Human skin is another fascinating thing to look at under the microscope, even better you can actually view what your cells would like. To see skin cells or epithelial cells under the microscope with some detail you would really need to use a stain, such as the H&E stain ( , however if you’ve got the time available it is definitely worthwhile.




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