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Coolest Metal Detector Finds – Unexpected Discoveries

magnifying-glass-308749_640Underground relics, metal bombs from ancient times, gold treasures etc. All of these mind blowing hidden treasures can possibly found using a Metal Detector. This machine was intentionally made to find unrevealed wealth. If compass can guide you on places where you are not familiar with, metal detectors will help you discover secret treasure and not all machines are capable of doing such incredible thing.
Furthermore, metal detector can also detect land mines which is until now used by military people. This device is also used in airfields in many countries nowadays to secure the security of all people that is around the area. There is a broad ability that this machine can do. Really expect the unexpected when it comes to metal detector. There were plenty of discoveries that this device already made that until now creates goose bumps when you talk about it.
Fishpool Hoard – This amazing treasure was found in Ravenshead, Nottinghamshire in Britain in 1966. It is heart shaped jewelry. This nugget was accidentally found by construction men on a building site. Fishpool Hoard is considered as one of the most unique gold treasure hunters can possibly discover. It is believed that this was buried by its owner to escape from a battle. Fishpool Hoard is composed of gold with charms and enamels in it. This adoring hoard was bought by the British Museum.
Ringlemere Cup – This cool one of a kind cup was found in Sandwich, Kent in 2001. This cool cup was discovered by metal detector enthusiast Cliff Bradshaw in a muddy field neighboring Ringlemere, East of Kent. Actually, the first gold chalice was revealed in 1837. The British Museum purchased the gold cup from Mr. Bradshaw.
King’s Ransom – This ancient treasure was found in Lichfield, Staffordshire in 2009 by a native farmer’s ground Terry Herbert. In his field discovered this authentic King’s Ransom. This treasure is considered as one of the most valuable wealth ever found in the United Kingdom.
Silverdale Hoard – This bunch of silver treasure was found in Harrogate, North of Yorkshire in 2007. Another metal detector enthusiast David Whelan and son Andrew Whelan are metal detecting in one of North Yorkshire field. A strong signal was detected by their metal detector and that they discovered an exceptionally engraved silver bowl. Also, they discovered 617 silver coins and 65 more fine silver items. The said bowl is above 1000 years of age.
Hoxne Hoard – This was found in 1992 in Hoxne, Suffolk. This treasure was found by men who are into treasure hunting. Peter Whatling and his friend Eric Lawes are the discoverer of this stunning treasure. They found silver spoons, gorgeous gold jewelry and several coins.
Truly, metal detectors are unquestionably awesome. This device compare to other kinds of device, can really make its owner rich. Uncovered wealth and unique one of kind artifacts are treasures that metal detectors can found. If only Indiana Jones has a metal detector, surely he will be able to find a lost treasure. If you want to try to join the list of amazing finds, grab a metal detector at BMDHQ.

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