Best Herb Grinder

Best Herb GrinderWeed, herb or marijuana grinders are all being used to grind materials such as herbs, marijuana or weed. If you are going to look for the best quality and very durable herb grinder product you should choose the one regardless of the price. Cheaper ones may trick you because of their promises but cannot give the quality that you expect and what you deserve. There are so many options for the best herb grinders but make sure that you read all the specifications first before deciding. There could be specifications that may deceive you and may end up buying with the one that cannot satisfy your needs.

You can read on the two mini reviews about herb grinders that can be used as marijuana, bud or weed grinders and you may think about the best one after the review.

Mendo Mulcher Grinders


Have two thick grips for easy use.

Has a lifetime warranty.

Solid and built similar to a tank that you do not want to find any grinder anymore.

With heavy duty aircraft grade billet aluminum.

Two times number of the grind teeth than competitors have.


The best grinder can be easily handled due to its size that is perfect for your palm.

Due to its durability you will never look for another herb grinder again.

Easy to maintain and clean.

This is great for grinding weed and marijuana.


It has tendency that it does not grind that fine enough.

Has choking hazards you need to keep it out of reach of children.

Kingtop Grinder


The Kingtop Grinder is made of Zinc Alloy with 45-shaped sharp teeth for smooth and consistent grinding.

This has 4 pieces including Pollen Catcher.

Have magnetic lids that reduce spilling.

This is an affordable grinder that you may not resist buying.

Lifetime warranty with 100% money back guarantee!


You are going to use the largest herb grinder which measures 3 inches.

Has a feature that can keep the herbs inside the grinder so you do not have to worry any possible dump herbs to come out.

Tough and very durable, you can guarantee long lasting use.

This herb grinder is perfect as weed or marijuana grinder as well. It can be used as bud grinder too.

No large chunks when grinding with the Kingtop Grinder, you can get evenly grind herb, weed, bud, marijuana, tobacco, spice that you are expecting.

The evenly grind herbs as product of the Kingtop Grinder can be used as herbal teas and other remedies.

Has a customer satisfaction rule that if the customer did not get the quality and not satisfied, you get your money back within the 365 days timeframe.


The holes of the herb grinder are not very good. You must be careful in handling the grinder.

The screen can be broken for just a few weeks, which is not satisfying.


There are really pros and cons when looking for a weed, herb or marijuana grinder. You need to hear out some of the reviews from online so you can get idea of how each of the herb grinders performs. You must compare each of them to make sure that you can get the best deal. The best one that you can choose based on the review is the Kingtop which is affordable and has a money back guarantee. There is also lifetime warranty that you can benefit from buying this one. You just need to make sure to call Kingtop within 365 days from the moment that you bought it and when you have problem with it. Always remember to be careful in choosing the product you will buy so you can guarantee satisfaction.

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