5 Reasons Owning Scroll Saws Will Change Your Life

imagesIf you are in the woodworking business, why would you want to have a scroll saw machine in your arsenal? It is actually a very convenient tool to have, since it is better than using a coping saw or the bandsaw when it comes to working with wood and doing intricate patterns. The scroll saw is a machine that is either operated by a pedal or powered by electricity, which is similar to how a sewing machine looks like. However, instead of using a thread and needle to stitch together cloth or putting a pattern on it, the scroll saw makes use of blades of varying degree in order to create intricate patterns. While the machine itself is quite popular amongst woodworkers, it is also used for other types of materials such as metal. The name of the machine is derived from the traditional utilization of making the scrollwork, which are sculptural ornaments that are featured a lot in scroll-head styles, like the ones on scrollking.

So much for the official background of what woodworking is capable of, especially with this machine, you need to learn more about what the reasons are with considering to own a scroll saw machine.

  • One of the most popular reasons why a lot of woodworkers prefer to have the scroll saw machine is because it is very quiet when it is running. It doesn’t create a lot of dust or particular shavings dealt with slicing and making patterns from the machine.

  • One thing that makes a scroll saw so convenient to use is that you can make a lot of woodworking projects with it. You may have already seen a lot of woodworking projects at the malls wherein they customize according to your order. There are also some pre-made such as the shape of a deer, or the details of the head of a particular animal. You often see them in different shapes, patterns and sizes which are grouped together to form a particular style. The machine is widely used amongst creating wood decorations that can’t be done quickly with the use of manual machines like the coping saw, not to mention they can get quite painful when you use it in sawing through hard wood. You can even make delicate, small ornaments used for decorating the walls or the Christmas tree. You can find a lot more patterns, especially the ones that you have designed on your own.

  • Another reason is that it is great for kids! Some kids love to play with the tools used in woodworking, but most of them are too dangerous that they might be cutting themselves rather than the material they are working with. If your kids have the urge in creating various woodworking projects, it is best to let them work with the scroll saw machine instead. Kids as early as 8 years old can start working with the machine, with the guidance of an adult on how to operate it.

  • The patterns that you can create on your woodworking projects are easily done with the scroll saw machine. Did you know that you can create interior cutouts without making any entry slot? All you need to do is remove the blade, insert the wood onto where the blade lies beneath and attached the blade again.

  • You are also able to control the speed of the blade using its variable speed dial. The use of the speed is to adjust it depending on the kind of material you are going to use.

There are probably more reasons why woodworkers or handicrafts people love to use the scroll saw, but these are just some of the common reasons. You might find more when you experience using it on your own woodworking projects.

By June 25, 2016.    hardware